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Does it Matter What Reception Site I Choose?


Yes. There are many reasons why besides the obvious.

First of all you have to know approximately how many guests you want at your wedding. We’ve seen weddings with as little as 17 guests to over 500 guests. There are reception halls available to accommodate all sizes of weddings.

Then you have to decide if you want an outdoor or indoor wedding. If you decide to have an outdoor wedding reception, make sure there is a plan B available just in case it rains. You can also have a choice to have your ceremony outdoors and your reception indoors or visa versa.

Even though those details are important, you should also take into consideration the ambience or feeling the reception hall has during a wedding. Ask to visit the hall during an actual wedding or event so you see how an actual event looks and feels.

We believe that the best locations keep everyone close to the action. The dance floor and the bride and grooms table are at the center of the hall making sure that no one feels too far making even a large wedding feel like a small family event.

Take a look at our large list of reception sites on our list of vendors.

Article contributed by Marcos Martinez, photographer and owner of Wedding Xpressions Photography located in El Paso, TX

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